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. that is according to studies done by the nonprofit education superhighway, whose mission it is to bring high-speed broadband internet access to every public school in america. milliont announced a $9 round of funding led by mark zuckerberg's started foundation and the gates foundation. we are joined by the ceo of melt and the founder of foot video. he joins us from new york. you guys are saying you this will be a comprehensive effort to bring internet into the classroom. how comprehensive do you hope this will be a complex the sec developed -- hope this will be? fcche afc east -- the developed a program to bring high-speed bandwidth into every classroom in america. is, it is a 17-year- old program. it's like a dirt road. we really need a highway. we need a way to get high-speed bandwidth into every school, so that schools have access to the technology they need to be able to teach our kids. this is happening all over the world and is not happening in america. we need to make a big change. >> what sort of challenges do you run into getting internet into the classes e is it all about money? ?>
problems. how do we make sure the student gets the cost of education? how do we address time demands? i believe that is one of the areas that has changed the most, the extent to which athletes are tied up in athletic preparation. we need to make sure students are not exploited. how do we address that? how do we address lifetime educational benefits? so, if we do get the right political restructuring that would allow us to address it, if we do not do that, that is on us. the third leg on the stool is that we shouldn't be the sole exclusive route to professional sports. there are other opportunities. i was sorry to see nfl europe go away. everybody can bring a lawsuit, that was an opportunity. everybody can bring a lawsuit, that is the american way. we can defend it. the courts decide what they decide. there is while you are in the ia process for that, but system, you ought to know what the rules are when you come in. we have work to do in that area. we have work to do in that area. i think i like for 18- and 19- year-old young people to have a choice. if they want to be here, that's grea
. it kicks off computer science education week. org.s sponsored by code. here is president obama. notearning these skills are important for your future but for our country's are. if you want america to stem the cutting edge tom a we need young americans to master the tools and technology that will change how you do just about everything. >> they are giving coding tips from entrepreneurs included this guy, mark zuckerberg. >> if i wanted to wish everybody on facebook and happy birthday by sending an e-mail, it might take more than a century to write out all the e-mails. with a few lines of code, i can have a system to send an e-mail to everybody on facebook. that is why they are valuable. francisco us from san is the cofounder of whether that mark zuckerberg, what is the point of this? >> it is great to be here. that weioned earlier are lagging in math and science. at least every school in america does teach math and teach science. only one in 10 schools teach computer science. yourself, if the point of education is to prepare kids for afe and the 21st century tom shouldn't we teach
movies or educational films. it plays like an action movie and has a great love story to boot. >> that this was someone you knew, was it more passionate to get behind this film? >> yes, and i knew we could do things like keep some of his flaws. this is nelson mandela. and hehis first wife regrets it to this day. he was a bit of a womanizer and regrets it to this day. all of it is in there so you can see a human being. he is not a saint. this is a story about how somebody gets to that place who can do so much good and inspire others. of contenders in the mix. easier said than done. you make it look pretty easy. what is that process like? you tried to drive yourself and the people you work with. us, thehink that for awards are a way of giving publicity to movies that deserve it. are going to open, comic book movies. hunger games is really good. people will flock to that. i understand that. it is a way of putting light on films that maybe aren't as commercial. put this movie against any other movie. you can hear a pin drop in this movie. it is inspirational. >> president obama an
the importance of search. he is educated in the u.s. >> after a decade in the u.s., li returned to china. together they created what has been known as the google of china. >> we can combine that with internet growth overall. >> his friends and family says his devotion to baidu the finds him. he has been noted for falling asleep in his car after work. he has also picked up some influential friends along the way like bill gates, alibaba, and a few enemies, too. >> they are competitors. in 2004, larry page and sergei brin went to visit. baidu with careful not to reveal too much. >> regardless of how he is seen, li is worth $12 billion. he came above eric schmidt on the billionaire list more than two decades after he invented his own brand of search. when i sat down with him i asked how he spent his aliens. take a look at what he said about the difference of philanthropy in the united states versus china. >> it's not as mature. i have seen them start to think about that. we increasingly spend more time to do philanthropy work. we held a banquet where we used 56 million rmb. we provide certai
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)